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Our eMarketplace will act as an information hub for green products and services, like electric vehicles, charging stations and solar panels. Through our community activism we will attract customers with a sustainable mindset; and provide the support they may need to transition to clean energy, with a strong focus on shifting from ICE to EVs.

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We will showcase your green products and services to customers who can use our eMarketplace to do their research, compare options, and get ready to make a purchase. All interested leads will go directly to you, with the customers’ permission. We reward you and the customer with our native utility token, coined ‘CUSP’, for every successful transaction. 

CUSP will reward you and the customer for the sale of the green product / service

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Sign up today to get direct leads for your green products and services. Once we check and verify your company information, we’ll agree commercial terms and conditions with you. The next step is to set up your company’s online store using the easy-to-use wizard on our eMarketplace, list your products and begin selling…to earn your rewards!

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Find out how you can get rewarded for playing your part in the green revolution. We would love to hear from you.

You can email us at contact@cusp.earth or complete the form to register for updates and further information.

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