We bring together key stakeholders, valuable insights and a purpose-driven network to create a meaningful marketplace. While this will evolve over time, we have the agility and appetite to move fast.

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As the world steadily moves toward adopting clean energy, our goal is to accelerate the transition and bring global economies closer to their net zero carbon targets, and consequently a greener future.


Established in 2021, CUSP Green Solutions Ltd is headquartered in London with the group’s Technology Development Center and its first international location in the UAE.


Our eMarketplace will initially focus on ground transportation, and serve buyers, manufacturers and sellers of electric vehicles and ancillary products and services in the UK and UAE, as the first phase of our global expansion plan. The effect will be increased price transparency, affordability and discoverability. In turn, this will drive adoption of EVs and accelerate the global transition to clean energy.


Our eMarketplace is powered by distributed ledger technology and will have its own native utility token, the CUSP Green Token, which will give holders access to a range of benefits.


While the initial focus will be on e-mobility, i.e. EVs, e-bikes and charging stations; our eMarketplace will subsequently expand to other segments, such as solar panels and electric boilers. More green products and services will be added based on policy decisions and commercial feasibility in our target markets.

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We are a movement that champions a sustainable planet,
by supporting & rewarding the community that joins in the transition.

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To create a comprehensive eMarketplace that accelerates the transition to clean energy through incentivisation with measurable impact.

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Environment First​
This value is key. Our respect for our planet and natural resources is what inspired the birth of CUSP.

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The time to transition is now. We are here to accelerate the process.

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We realise that we are defining a new-normal. We actively seek innovative solutions to positively impact chronic problems.

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We are pioneers of the clean coin revolution. Our tech expertise is what gives us the unique advantage to take a global problem head-on.

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In the face of climate change, depleting natural resources and toxic waste, we are doing everything we can to restore Mother Earth, one positive step at a time.

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Manoj Menon

CEO & Founder

Kushal Kumar

Director & Investor

Chris McPartlin

Chris McPartlin

Business Development

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