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The M1P is the 2kw version of the M1Ps. You can ride this e-chopper with a CBT or a car license issued...
The SC is inspired by adventure and offers 75 miles range with removable batteries for quick-swaps...
The E1000 offers agressive street styling, an ultra modern electric drivetrain and a range...
One of the first e-motorcycles we brought to market and still a popular model. Lightweight with the same bee-sting...
The E-Strada couples vintage Italian scooter design with modern technology. You can charge from any UK...
A larger body for comfortable pillion riding and a powerful 5kw motor makes the T9 the go-to model...
The Storm S is the slimmer, nimbler sister to the Hurricane S. A great top speed at 93mph, 14kw peak...
The JF comes in stunning electric blue and looks great with a semi-naked body and contrasting tubular...
The Breeze is inspired by the modern italian scooter scene and is a fantastic little e-scooter for the...
Brother to the Storm S, the Hurricane S is fast at 93mph top speed and includes ABS as standard. Rear...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products are available on the marketplace?

We cover the electric vehicle market in detail and offer a wide range of electric vehicles, including e-bikes, e-scooters,  e-motorcycles and electric cars. Additionally, we also list a range of EV-related accessories and services that you can choose from.

Can I see detailed specifications for the available products?

Yes, detailed specifications are available on the product page for each listing.

Are there financing options available for purchasing a product from the marketplace?

Yes, CUSP partners with financial service companies to offer financing options for purchasing products from the marketplace

Can I test drive an electric vehicle before purchasing it on the marketplace?

Test drives may be available for certain electric vehicles on the marketplace. Please contact the seller directly to inquire about test drive availability from the product page.

Are there any special deals or promotions available on the marketplace?

Yes, there may be special deals or promotions available on the marketplace. Please check the listings page or sign up for CUSP's newsletter to receive updates on promotions and other offers.

How do I contact the seller of a specific product on the marketplace?

You can contact the seller of a specific product on the marketplace by using the contact form or phone number provided on the product page.

How do I know if a product is a right fit for my needs, are there any resources available?

CUSP offers a range of resources to help you determine which product or solution is the best fit for your needs. These include detailed specifications, guides and other tools. You can also contact CUSP or the seller for specific information and advice.

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