UAE welcomes Polestar 2

Volvo’s Polestar launched its Polestar 2 in the UAE at an attractive price point, compared to some of the other electric vehicles (EV) available in the country, listed on CUSP’s EV Discovery site for the UAE. But make no mistake, this is no entry level car. On the contrary, the quality finishes are well-designed, sustainable and pleasing on the eye.  If we had to use one word to sum this drive up, it would be ‘intuitive’.

The single motor Polestar 2 comes in standard or long-range options.

Very few standard single motor EVs will be brought in. At AED167k, the car’s 67-kWh battery offers up to 470km (WLTP). The long-range single and dual motor EVs with the premium comfort “Plus pack” are what Polestar is pushing to the UAE market – sporting a panoramic roof and a Harman Kardon sound system. The single motor EV is for those who prioritise range, and the dual motor option is for the performance and speed chasers.


The long-range single motor boasts a 78-kWh battery offering ±430km on the urban roads of the UAE, with the AC on. Under WLTP conditions, a range of 540km is possible. The 170-kW electric motor delivers 231 hp. With a top speed of 160 kph and acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 7.4 seconds, this car handles very well. All this starting from AED205k.

The long-range dual motor is supercharged with gold trimmings.

The dual motor comes with a performance package that truly lifts the look of the car with copper gold highlights on the Italian Brembo calipers featured as part of the lightweight braking system and special edition gold seatbelts and gold valve caps. Together with the 20” wheels (1” bigger than standard) and suspension settings, it’s the fun version that will grab attention of on-lookers! The price tag is significantly higher at AED253,900 with the ventilated Nappa leather interior option.

300kW comes from one motor at the front and another at the rear of 150kW each, offering 482 km (WLTP range) or ±380km in UAE conditions. This AWD has 408hp, 660Nm torque, a top speed of 205 kph and acceleration to 100 km/h is done in a mere 4.7 seconds.

The finishing touches of the Polestar 2 are distinctive.

For both long range models, the animal welfare-conscious can choose weave tech vegan interior instead of the leather. The wooden panels are also sustainably produced from repurposed wood.

The colour options are also very intriguing – in addition to black (Void) and white (Snow), the EV is available in light grey with light blue tones (Magnesium), dark grey (Thunder), bronze (Moon) and blue (Midnight).

We were searching for Apple Play, which, according to Polestar, is “expected to be made available in the spring of 2022” as a standard feature. However, Android-users will be pleased with the built-in Google features. The car’s many safety features and regenerative braking system makes driving a pleasure. The driver can choose the steering feel, to allow the car to creep or automatically hold when coming to a stop, and to switch off or choose low or standard ‘one pedal drive’ mode, which initiates the brakes when you remove your foot from the accelerator pedal. Features like wireless charging for your mobile phone, and the bag holder and separator in the trunk are sensible and plain, good design. The retractable frameless mirrors are a nice touch too, and available on the standard model as well.

UAE drivers ready to make the switch to electric can visit the showroom in City Walk, Dubai.

Although there is a global shortage of microchips equating to long waiting times for some of the other EVs, shipments of the Polestar 2 are set to come in at a steady pace over the next few months, with the first orders arriving in May 2022. With its solid look, good range and value for money, we believe this EV is going to sell well and suggest you test drive one today!

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