Skywell ET5 – another electric vehicle arrives in the UAE

CUSP Green Solutions first saw this SUV at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in May 2022. It looked like a familiar urban SUV, and we’re happy to report it feels like one too. SKYWELL ET5 costs under AED 200k and is available in the UAE in the first week of August 2022. 

SKYWELL ET5 at Legend Motors Showroom in Dubai, UAE

Enhancements to the battery delivers solid range

The battery comes with an intelligent battery temperature control system. A 71.98 kW-h battery capacity delivers 400km WLTP range.  With a standard 6.6-kW charge power, fast charging (380V) from 30-80% would take 30 minutes and 11 hours for a slow charger (220V). They claim more than 30% energy recovery from the braking regenerative system.

SKYWELL ET5 comes with many gimmicks

Like the Tesla, it has a “Party Mode” and “Camping Mode”. The front seats have one-touch sleeping and rest mode which reclines the seat and lifts a footrest.  The touchscreen has a few new terms that we were not familiar with, but there are ‘information’ icons to guide you. There is a ‘Breathing Mode’ which offers atmosphere lamp colour / brightness changes. It also has an air purification mode which could serve you very well in cities with poor air quality. 

Touchscreen in the front cabin


How much does the SKYWELL ET5 cost in the UAE?

You can expect to pay AED 185,000 (inclusive of VAT) with black interior and an additional AED 10,000 for the premium brown interior. We saw the black leather interior, with a funky orange stitch, which included sections of suede on the seats.  

This is very competitive pricing compared to other electric vehicles in the UAE. The prices are inclusive of warranty from the manufacturer for the standard 8 years or 150,000 km on the battery. The vehicles will be available by first week of August 2022 in grey, white and blue.

Seats and center console of SKYWELL ET5

Interested buyers can contact CUSP to put you in touch with Legend Motors in Dubai or Emirates Global Motor Electric in Abu Dhabi. You can sign up and claim your free CUSP Green Tokens once your electric vehicle is registered.

SKYWELL’s global expansion plans

Skywell, the Chinese automobile group, sold 11,100 vehicles locally in 2021. By contrast, more established Chinese competitors are selling ±10,000 EVs per month: NIO sold 9,985 and Xpeng Motors sold 15,414 in March, 2022.

Chinese brands have a track record for fast growth. Skywell expects sales to reach 250,000 electric and hybrid vehicles a year, by 2025. Exports should account for over 30% and they’re making headway with a recent launches in the USA, Germany, Romania, Turkey and now the UAE.  

What you’ll love… Not so much…
The feel was very similar to traditional cars The acceleration is a bit sluggish
Loads of room for taller drivers & passengers The steering stickiness when you lift your foot off the accelerator
The price  
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