Scooters in the UAE

You can scoot around the UAE for a meagre cost of AED 1 per minute. In a world of rising fuel costs, these rates are a relief.

Scooters are a significant part of the climate solution. We’re seeing all smart city plans include micro-mobility solutions. The intention of micro-mobility is to support the shorter trips to the public transport system and close-by amenities, making them more convenient and affordable.

Scooter initiatives started a few years ago in the UAE. Due to the pandemic, progress was halted. Once the restrictions came to an end, e-scooters were back on track. More riders are zipping by at 20 km/h – 30 km/h on their colorful e-scooters.


There are new brands on the market, and they can be rented or bought. You can rent it by the minute at AED 1 per minute, or at a monthly rate. You can buy one with a 30km range for ±AED 2k. It is the riders responsibility to ensure the e-scooter meets the UAE regulations.

Dubai e-scooters and locations

Dubai has accelerated the initiative recently with expanded tracks, more providers, and new policies and guidelines. The pilot scooter rental initiative involves four approved operators. Tier and Lime are international companies, and ARNAB and Skurtt are both local. FENIX operates the ARNAB brand in Dubai.

The pilot covers ten locations including: 

  • Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd
  • JLT
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Al Rigga
  • 2nd of December Street
  • Al Mankhool
  • City Walk
  • Al Karama
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Al Qusais

Use promotional code: HELLODUBAI  on ARNAB for 3 free rides (30 min max)

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Abu Dhabi e-scooters and locations

The Integrated Transport Centre authorised e-scooter rental services in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The approved brands include Tier, Lime, ARNAB, CIRC, KIWIRIDE and SCOOT. We were able to download all the app but no e-scooters were visible on the maps for CIRC and KIWIRIDE, at the time of writing. 

LimePrime is offering a free trail for 30 days, which includes 0 unlock fee / 25% discount on rides that already have 0 unlock fee

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The UAE is serious about scooter safety

You’ll need to apply for an eScooter Permit in Dubai if you do not hold a valid driving license. A minimum age of 16 applies.

The fine for parking an e-scooter in a non-designated area in Dubai is AED 200! We expect similar rules to follow across other Emirates as the Integrated Transport Centre of Abu Dhabi recently announced new rules for cyclists and electric micro-mobility.

Abandoning scooters in non-designated areas is a global challenge

Scooters bundled together in a road in San Diego
source: Linkedin post

Social media posts from other countries share pictures of abandoned e-scooters on pavements and roadsides. However, this has not become an issue for the UAE as yet. The AED 200 fine should go some way to continue to evade this problem. It’s helped other cities, like Paris, that also used spot fines to correct this behaviour.

CUSP believes that some form of solar-charging technology at drop off points would encourage the safe return of the scooters. This way they’re commercially ready for the next rider, at full charge.

Scooters abandoned on a street in Paris
source: Reuters (2019)

The issue is also being addressed by new technology such as the Bird VPS (Visual Parking System). VPS requires riders to scan the QR codes on the equipment and show their surrounding area, using their mobile phones. The AR tool uses geolocation to compare the surroundings against realtime Google data and Street View images. They launched the technology in New York City, San Francisco, and San Diego, last month.

Technology and infrastructure will continue to improve, to ensure more people switch to scooters. Check out our Smart City blog for more on London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai’s paths to net zero carbon emission plans.

You can review the Roads and Traffic Authority resource for helpful tips and instructions for riding a scooter. Download it here.


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