Reward yourself for going Green.

Get the native utility token of our ever-expanding eMarketplace at no cost, as an incentive to switch to the next generation of green products and services.

| Universal & Green

A universal green eMarketplace, powered by the CUSP token.


From EVs to solar – if it’s green, it’ll be on our eMarketplace. For every transaction you make, and for some products you already own and register with us, we’ll issue CUSP tokens to you – at no cost.


Our ecosystem is highly inclusive. Individuals, companies and even governments looking to go green are all welcome. All stakeholders earn CUSP tokens for participating.

| Utility

Our aim is to enable CUSP holders to use tokens on our eMarketplace to make purchases, get discounts and get exclusive access, in future.

| Free Minting

There’ll be no coin offering and no pre-mints. CUSP tokens will only be minted to stakeholders in return for making green choices on our eMarketplace – and always at no cost.

| Tokenomics

Max supply is 10 billion tokens. Together with our first CUSP holders, we’ll eventually initiate a ten-year countdown after which minting will stop forever.

| Built on Polygon

CUSP is built on Polygon, chosen for its energy-efficiency, as an ERC-20 token. We’re aiming to list it our CUSP tokens on major crypto exchanges in future.

| Transparency Is Key

We are forward-thinking in terms of crypto regulation and want our users to be fully aware of what CUSP is and what not.


We are…. not a regulated financial service provider and not registered with, regulated or authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, or any other regulatory body in the UK for financial services.


CUSP Tokens are….not regulated and so are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. You will also not have recourse to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

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