Scooters in the UAE

e-scooters available in the UAE and new laws passed

Skywell ET5 – another electric vehicle arrives in the UAE

CUSP Green Solutions first saw this SUV at the Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in May 2022. It looked like a familiar urban SUV, and we’re happy to report it feels like one too. SKYWELL ET5 costs under AED 200k and is available in the UAE in the first week of… Continue reading Skywell ET5 – another electric vehicle arrives in the UAE

Green plans from London & UAE cities 

Panoramic view of London cityscape seen from Primrose Hill on a sunny day

Unlike the UK, the UAE has a huge opportunity for a solar energy economy. However, the sun also makes some modes of cleaner transport more challenging. Very much like the UK, the UAE expects to see many more people coming in to live in the city.  London Transport expects that by 2041, 2.1 million more people… Continue reading Green plans from London & UAE cities 

Calm your range anxiety

car driving on beautiful road, travel background, aerial scenic landscape from Iceland

A few key facts and tips to address the #1 concern faced by new electric vehicle (EV) owners: range.

CUSP launches in the UAE, rewards BEV & PHEV owners

In response to community feedback, CUSP will issue tokens to anyone who has already purchased an EV (battery EVs or plug-in hybrid EVs) in the UK and the UAE.

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